Who Is TonyEvs Anyway?

Hiya. I’m TonyEvs but feel free to just call me Tony. That’s my name after all. Besides we’re friends now. Right?

I write things. Stories mainly. They are on another site though. That’s the Tall Tales Short Paragraphs site listed in the link tab above. Feel free to explore. Hope you find something you like. You might find a blog too. Currently, I’m finishing my first novel (at time of writing I’m on my second edit) and once that’s done I’m starting research on a movie script that I’m very excited about.

On here though, you will have noticed that there are films in the form of Japanese Haiku’s written in the 5-7-5 syllable method. Some are reviews but mostly I just look at the film in general. They are meant to be fun. I will upload some other reviews too from time to time.

Various ways to keep up to date with the film haiku’s. Pick the one that’s best for you…

1) Follow the blog and the haiku’s will get sent to your email (if you want – might be annoying.)
2) Follow @haiku_film on Twitter. (This might be the best one. I like Twitter – more chance to chat)
3) ‘Like’ the Facebook page. Link is here

Thanks for taking the time to visit. Hope you stick around (and tell your friends).
1st July 2015

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Easy to read and meant to be fun welcome to Film Haiku. If you like, FOLLOW! Also here: @haiku_film

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